The Journey Transcending Limits


A dark room full of luminous, flashy shades of neon lights that gives everyone a psychedelic experience which is beyond imagination. From crazy props to trippy tunes every part of this event would revive the spirit of a party animal. Presenting the most awaited event “HELLEXIA”.

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La Caminar

The contestants weaved magic on the runway with their mesmerising walk. La Caminar was all about confidence as Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. Its theme “Bohemian” and “Persian nights” was so bold and charismatic it indeed captivated everyone’s attention.

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An epitome of thrill and excitement, carnivals have a festive atmosphere featuring rides , games and entertainment that rekindles childhood memories. A perfect platform where friendships are born and memories are made amidst the gleam of several smiles as the music intensify. View Gallery

battle of hoods

A battle where each marshal had the power of voice and fought hard to strive for the throne which consisted of a series of online and offline events to reach the ultimatum which was the final conquest “THE BATTLE OF HOODS”.

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Life is too short to sit around and clap, instead gear up and play. SPORTS MANIA illuminates the noble habit of team spirit with a strong desire to conquer. Enthusiasm came alive on this vibrant day.

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Society fair

Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. Frosh’20 presents to you - society fair, a compendium of 50+ societies brought together on one single platform. The best opportunity to channelize your creativity and talents into the right path.

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Have you always longed for a cheering crowd while performing to your heart’s content? If yes this is for you! the final showdown with magnificent vocals, rhythmic beats and heart touching plays which leaves the audience thrilled.

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